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State of the art Business Performance Assessment combining:

  • Business Persona - 21st century profiling that now includes the measurement of outside influences on individual behaviour and much, much more........
  • RiddleBox's Unique 'Experience Score' - equally applicable to Employees and Customers.
  • The RiddleBox Pulse process which sustains, builds on and enhances performance.

Harnessing the 'Experience Economy' - at the click of a mouse!

Organisations that focus on Experience outperform those that don't.

Creating a powerful and positive employee experience is the most influential factor in achieving outstanding organisation performance and ultimately competitive advantage.

Pulse Plus combines:

  • 3 dimensional business persona profiling
  • a meaningful, yet rigorous and proven method of measuring experience
  • user friendly data capture
  • timely and actionable analysis and reporting
  • developmental insights with clear key performance indicators

In effect, Pulse Plus is the first 'plug and play' Business Performance Assessment process.

It provides both an objective overview of current capability and the ongoing monitoring of auditable improvement and development.

Thought provoking and insightful on team dynamics

John Scouler
 UK Commercial Food Director, TESCO

Thanks for helping us define and change our culture globally to create a positive impact on our customers' experiences

Eva Choong
The British Council

The ability of the system to present behaviours based on the perceived (what individuals think of themselves) and predicted (what others are likely to see) perspectives is particularly insightful.

Vasant Kumar
President, Scriplogix USA

How is Pulse Plus different?

Pulse Plus is a revolutionary leap forward in the field of Business Performance Assessment because, for the first time ever, it combines the inter-locking disciplines of Psychology and Neuroscience.

Why is that important?

Put simply, if a business were a computer, psychology would be concerned with the software and neuroscience the hardware. And like a computer they are interdependent.

Myers Briggs, Hogan, 360 and other similar processes are the traditional tools attempting to measure the psychological element of business performance, but because they operate in isolation, identical assessments can deliver conflicting results.

Pulse Plus' holistic approach to Business Performance Assessment i.e., incorporating the impact of outside influences on individual behaviour within a business context, means that such contradictory outcomes are not possible. In other words, Pulse Plus assesses the hardware as well as the software.

And all this at the click of a mouse?

That's right - that's what 8 years’ research and development was about.

In short, the results of extensive analyses, surveys and detailed observations have been processed and distilled into a complex web of interconnected algorithms measuring a wide range of possible ‘emotional and experiential’ business related scenarios. The results are triggered by participants responding online to a set of simple questions.

This is no idle boast!

We're staking our reputation on it.

Challenge us!

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