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State of the art Business Performance Assessment at the click of a mouse combining:

  • Business Persona - 21st century profiling that now includes the measurement of outside influences on individual behaviour and much, much more........
  • RiddleBox's Unique 'Experience Score' - equally applicable to Employees and Customers.
  • The RiddleBox Pulse process which sustains, builds on and enhances performance.

Pulse Plus’s Business Persona is an enhanced form of flexible, updated profiling which recognises and accommodates the impact of outside influences on individual behaviour.

Business Persona provides an unbiased view that helps you understand:

  • what drives you
  • what shapes your thinking and behaviours

and as a result helps you realise Your Potential.

There are four core drivers which provide meaning to your view of the world, your actions and helps you to maximise your potential.

They are Hero, Explorer, Angel and Discoverer.

I was genuinely shocked by how much Ram was able to tell me about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and how much that resonated with my own perceptions of where I was going right and where I was going wrong in my relationships. It is the first time someone has actually told me what I could do to alter perceptions and or behaviour in a simplistic and effective way.

David Gilsenan
Global Head of Mergers & Acquisitions Finance, IHG

A Hero is focussed on winning and would normally push people to achieve what they want to achieve.

A Discoverer is focussed on learning, and is motivated by new ways of doing things.

An Explorer is focussed on careful planning and is very methodical. Explorers cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

An Angel values team work. Angels love to pull rather than push their fellow team members.

Although we all possess the ability to be all of these, we normally tend to prefer a specific driver. By understanding this, you will be able to communicate better, work well in teams, understand your motivations and as a result become more focussed.

What it does for you?

Whilst there are many applications in an organisation the first helps us to understand how drivers can influence team work. For example:

  • A hero is focussed on winning and would normally push people to achieve what they want to achieve. They are the red leaders where winning, being competitive drives them. If they have a team of angels then the hero would struggle as angels value team work, love to pull rather than push people. This can cause frustration for both parties.
  • If a team has explorers and heroes, it will be able to focus on planning and winning but could easily forget that it needs to carry people with it. This also creates a winner’s block, as that mind-set alone would prevent them from trying new ways of doing things where discoverers thrive. As a result, the team could be good but struggle to become great.

Every driver has a place in the team and the challenge is to acknowledge that and also appreciate that a team will need to have almost all of these drivers to perform effectively. By understanding what drives you and your team members, you can clearly appreciate their view point. If you can do that, you can communicate in a way that is effective and appeals to them.

Business Persona helps open the doors to this wonderful journey of self- discovery and creates teams that work effectively to move from being good to being great.

This is no idle boast!

We're staking our reputation on it.

Challenge us!

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