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State of the art Business Performance Assessment at the click of a mouse combining:

  • Business Persona - 21st century profiling that now includes the measurement of outside influences on individual behaviour and much, much more........
  • RiddleBox's Unique 'Experience Score' - equally applicable to Employees and Customers.
  • The RiddleBox Pulse process which sustains, builds on and enhances performance.

Companies that focus on the experience of their employees have seen that it is possible to change how people feel and how they behave as a result.

The Experience Score is a measure of how we feel and it is based on 5 key constructs:

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Empathy
  • Satisfaction
  • Commitment

Creating a powerful and positive employee experience is the most single influential factor in achieving outstanding organisation performance and ultimately competitive advantage.

The solution has brought some new and challenging thinking to our existing suite of customer service and employee measures. Its practical edge , along with the level of academic expertise is providing us with some invaluable insights and some real opportunities to deliver improvement.

Mark Dickson
GM Customer Service, Scottish Water

Why is it important?

Both employer and employee loyalty have dwindled and talent has become more mobile and transient. Harnessing and retaining outstanding talent can only be achieved at an emotional level and this is why we need to understand what creates the best employee experience.

How does it work?

  • The Experience Score uses an online survey which has five questions based on the constructs that shape our experience. It is very easy to administer and is run typically three to four times a year thereby providing the perfect opportunity to open up communication as to how people actually feel and what can be be done to improve matters.
  • The Experience Score report indicates how scores might be improved.
  • They can be broken down to whatever level of analysis is required i.e., global, managerial, team down to individual.

The Experience Score is a revolutionary concept and although it is simple to administer, it is actually the culmination of over eight years detailed PhD level analysis and research which has been distilled into the online questionnaire.

The ultimate value of the Experience Score and its application within the Pulse Plus process will be reflected in improved employee performance and consequent corporate ROI.

This is no idle boast!

We're staking our reputation on it.

Challenge us!

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