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State of the art Business Performance Assessment at the click of a mouse combining:

  • Business Persona - 21st century profiling that now includes the measurement of outside influences on individual behaviour and much, much more........
  • RiddleBox's Unique 'Experience Score' - equally applicable to Employees and Customers.
  • The RiddleBox Pulse process which sustains, builds on and enhances performance.

Enhancing the benefits of Pulse Plus into an ongoing process to ensure continuous business improvement and performance.

Utilizing our Workplace Analytics Engine™ (WPA) to understand the Pulse Plus information and provide specific insights for continuous development.

  • One stop solution
  • Customise views
  • Specific insights
  • Integrate with KPI's
  • Fast and reliable

Enables you to capture input online, via social media and brings this information to a secure, centralised cloud solution which can be integrated into your existing systems (CRM, Intranet etc.)

RiddleBox worked with us in developing a ‘real time’ employee engagement programme to help us develop our business , and some innovative training, motivational and strategy tools which have given us a different perspective on the business challenges we face.​

Stephen Cassidy
Area Vice President, Hilton

Customised Reporting

The system is flexible and as a result reports can be created for the entire organisation, across countries, regions down to a team level input. We can customize the system to create reports that meet specific requirements.

Business Insights

Links employee and customer experience by integrating this insight with your KPI’s. The analytical engine can then demonstrate areas where gaps exist and the impacts they have on business performance.

Clear Actions

Allows you to see where you need to focus and the impact it will have on organisational performance. We will help you identify specific interventions with clear and measurable outcomes.

The system is capable of turning around actionable reports very quickly. The software can be used to drill down information to the individual and track progress going forward. It analyses and reveals trends that have an impact on performance

This is no idle boast!

We're staking our reputation on it.

Challenge us!

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